This add-on is a RESTful JSON API for SENAITE LIMS, that allows to Create, Read and Update (CRU operations) through http GET/POST requests. It uses JSON as the format for data representation.

The development of SENAITE JSONAPI was strongly driven by the experience gained while developing plone.jsonapi.routes, with which SENAITE JSONAPI shares most of the underlying software design solutions. The main difference between them is that plone.jsonapi.routes is a Plone-specific RESTful JSON API, while senaite.jsonapi is SENAITE-specific. For these very same reasons, this documentation is an adapted version of plone.jsonapi.routes’s documentation, with the consent of it’s author.

This documentation is divided in different parts. We recommend that you get started with Installation and then head over to the Quickstart. Please check out the API documentation for internals about senaite.jsonapi.

Table of Contents: